Un168澳洲十开奖网s: Two new takes on the London Underground by Kenneth Field

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Back in 2019, Ken showcased an experimental alternative Tube Map based on a diamond motif (read the 澳洲10开官网开奖 review here) that had mixed reactions from the community. He went away and absorbed that feedback, and – like a glutton for punishment – he🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s back with not one, but two🔸澳洲幸运10预测 new maps. Like many people, Ken believes the current Tube Map is nearly at the end of its useful life and wants to explore new concepts and idioms to map the sprawling system now and into the future.

The 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划map (above) is a nicely reworked version of that 2019 attempt, and addresses a lot of the issues that I had with it at the time. The removal of most of the diamond shapes makes for a less contrived design; type is larger throughout; design elements are applied more consistently; and the addition of Thameslink services to the map really helps with the overall balance of the design – filling in a lot of the empty space south of the Thames. It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s not perfect, but this is a pretty solid attempt 🔸澳洲开奖 working within the confines of the way that the rail network is currently defined – the line names, colours and modes (e.g., Tube lines all get individual colours, but all of the Overground is relegated to the same orange).

However, the second map is where Ken throws everything out and starts completely anew, and this is where things get interesting🔸澳洲幸运10预测.

On this map, all the traditional Tube Map nomenclature (Piccadilly, Bakerloo, etc.) has been reduced in importance and the many and varied route colours have been consolidated to instead represent different travel modes – deep Tube (blue), sub-surface Tube (green), Overground (salmon), Crossrail (purple representing both the Elizabeth Line and Thameslink), elevated rail (retaining the DLR🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s teal), and tram (a dull olive). One could argue that differentiating between deep and sub-surface Tube lines as separate modes is splitting hairs, but the extra col🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划does help give some definition and form to the map, so I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页ll allow it. Ken says that the chosen colours work well for colour-blind users, but I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d still like to see a little tweaking of them to make for a brighter, more visually appealing palette.

Alongside this new approach, Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s worked hard to encode service pattern information into the map, using a detailed legend and colour-coded terminus markers. It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a startlingly comprehensive approach, and very much at odds with the current Tube Map, which makes absolutely no attempt to show service patterns. The terminus markers are perhaps a bit small for my liking, and I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页m not sure that Johnston Sans works that well reversed out of a coloured background at those small sizes. I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d look for a complementary, less idiosyncratic sans serif that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a little 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸bolder for this information… a new approach is allowed to use a new typeface 🔸澳洲开奖 it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s needed! The legend itself could also use a bit of work to make it more readable and consistent… the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划column has sub-entries indented, but columns two and three don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t, for example. Good information design principles should also apply to a map🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s supporting information! Speaking of which, you may have noticed that Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s maps dispense with zone and accessibility information altogether. As he has noted, this information is all listed in the station index on the back of the printed journey planner, so does it need to be duplicated on the map itself?

I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页ll note here that one thing I do love about Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s maps is his sense of humour… Pink Floyd🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s “flying pig” is floating above Battersea Power Station, and there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a new “Wombling Free” station on the District Line between Southfields and Wimbledon Park – completing the full title for the map, “Underground, Overground, Wombling Free“. Presumably the station serves nearby Wimbledon Common?

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测Most transit map designers are content with one attempt at reworking the Tube Map, but Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s come back for seconds and 🔸澳洲幸运10预测thirds like some kind of map-making Hobbit. Most other designers are also content to remain within the existing fabric of the map🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s design language, but Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s not afraid to throw it all out and start from scratch, and for that he has to be commended. It may not be everyone🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s cup of tea, but at least it can start a discussion about possible alternatives to the current 168澳洲十开奖网.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Ken🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s Cartoblography site

New 168澳洲十开奖网: San Francisco Muni Metro Map with Central Subway

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This map has actually been out for a while, but today – celebrating the full🔸澳洲幸运10预测 opening of the Central Subway – seemed like the appropriate day to post about it.

Design-wise, this is very much an evolution of previous efforts (see my review of the post-COVID resumption of service map here) and thus shares many of the same features and faults. I still don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t agree with the decision to have station labels set in the same col🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划as their route lines – it looks disjointed and some colours (especially yellow, but also light blue) have poor contrast with the white background. Pick one dark col🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划(black or even the N–Judah🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s dark blue) and use it for all labels throughout for a consistent look.

However, the main question here is how well the Central Subway has been integrated into the map, and the answer is… probably about as well as it could have been. Muni certainly hasn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t helped itself by giving the new interchange with Powell station a really long name – “Union Square/Market St”. This necessarily has to be set on two lines, forcing a huge gap between Powell and Montgomery along Market Street. “Yerba Buena/Moscone” isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t much better, but at least that fits fairly neatly into the space provided. But seriously, transit agencies – pick one name for y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划stations and just roll with it instead of trying to appease everyone. Announcements or signage can take care of the secondary information: “Alight here for the Moscone Center”.

While accurate to the real-world configuration, the representation of 4th & King station seems overly fussy for a simplified diagram like this. Would it just look a bit cleaner if the routes didn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t cross over each other? Another fussy detail is the weird curve that BART takes between Civic Center and 16th St/Mission, inserted purely out of the need to make room for the Church & Market station label on the J–Church line.

Overall, I feel like there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a lot of random chaotic energy in this diagram. Part of that comes from the decision to only label accessible stations, which is understandable but also makes the diagram feel half-finished somehow. The placement of labels also comes across as a bit haphazard, especially along the southern leg of the T–Third St, where the labels alternate on each side of the route. I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d like to see a solution where all those labels are moved to the right of the route, which would then allow all the BART station labels to move to the right of their🔸澳洲幸运10预测 route line and so on… creating more consistency across the whole diagram.

I do find it odd that the diagram has giant route bullets at the bottom as a sort of legend, but then chooses not to use the bullets again at the end of each line. Use of bullets for route identification on the actual diagram is regarded as a best practice these days, seen on many maps worldwide. Personally, I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d find a way to move the big bullets to the bar at the top of the diagram, so I could push the boxed legend to the left and use the extra space to make the T-Third St line a bit longer to allow all those labels to be on the right as suggested above.

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测Very much a logical evolution of the typical Muni Metro diagram style, though I do wish it was a little more orderly in the way it presents information. I do like the animation that Muni has made showing the way all the lines work, though!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Muni Metro website

🔸澳洲幸运10在线人工计划网s: “Scream VI” Subway Poster – Official and Unofficial

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🔸澳洲幸运10在线人工计划网s, Popular Culture

The next installment of the venerable Scream🔸澳洲幸运10预测 franchise will be hitting the silver screen soon, and a new poster promoting it was released on January 1. Seeing as the movie is set in New York and the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划trailer has shown that the subway plays a part in the plot, it almost seems inevitable that the poster would riff on a subway map theme. Here, each route line corresponds to a movie, with Line 6 – the upcoming film – cleverly shown as being “under construction”. Altogether, the lines form a rough outline of the famous “Ghost Face” mask.

I haven🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t paid that much attention to the franchise since I saw the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划one way back in 1996, but I believe that the “station” names on each line correspond to who dies in each movie, though fans are picking through it in much finer detail than I care to. One thing this means is that this actually isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t a very good subway map, as there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s very little interchange between lines: once you🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re dead in one movie, you🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re not coming back in the next one (or are you?🔸澳洲幸运10预测). Some New York subway map purists are also taking the poster to task for playing fast and loose with the line colours – to them, the 1, 2 and 3 should all be red, and the 4, 5 and 6 should all be green. However, that would make a pretty dull poster!

However, the main talking point here isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t the poster itself, but its perceived similarity to a fan-made poster by Gil Marcel, 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划posted to his Instagram account on December 3, 2022 – just under a month before🔸澳洲幸运10预测 the official poster was released.

Like the official poster, Gil🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s assigns a line to each movie, but defines the “Ghost Face” more with geographical features than the lines themselves. As a result, his design perhaps evokes the actual New York subway map more than the official poster, which seems a little more generic.

It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s had a lot of people crying plagiarism and theft of design (though Gil himself is being more diplomatic), but I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页m not entirely convinced. 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划off – given the movie🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s location and plot, this basic concept is almost guaranteed🔸澳洲幸运10预测 to be one of the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划things that any graphic designer worth their salt would think of. It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s almost a no brainer, and many art directors that I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页ve worked under would dismiss it as being “too obvious”, wanting me to push harder for a more original idea. To my mind, it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s entirely plausible that these two concepts were arrived at independently of each other.

Secondly, the gap of a a month between Gil 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划posting his concept and the official poster being released isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t necessarily as damning as it looks. It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s very possible that the official poster started development long before December 3, but had to cycle through multiple iterations and approvals before being released – things don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t always move fast 🔸澳洲开奖 there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s multiple stakeholders in play.

So what do you think? Coincidence or plagiarism? Which one is the better executed? Is it even a good concept to begin with?

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Sources: Scream/Twitter and Gil Marcel/Instagram

Tutorial: Adobe Illustrator 2023🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s New “Intertwine” Feature

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In which I finally make a video tutorial because the amount of screenshots needed to explain this would have been ridiculous. Let me know what you think; there may be more video tutorial content in the future!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Pros: Does what it says it will, fairly intuitive to work with.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Cons: Messes with y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划layer structure, any normal layout edits after applying Intertwine are trickier.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Overall: Tough to see how it provides a benefit over the traditional method of just having a top layer that does the “intertwining” for you.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Cameron Booth/Vimeo

🔸澳州10开奖记录: 1962 Rose City Transit Bus Map, Portland, Oregon

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Here🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a map from a rarely-seen era of Portland, Oregon🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s transit history – the period of time between the end of the streetcar era and the emergence of the current transit operator, TriMet in 1969. The Rose City Transit Company (with their lovely casual script logo and friendly “Rosy” nickname) operated bus service within the Portland city limits from 1956 until TriMet was formed.

Under RTC🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s watch, the last of Portland🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s trolleybuses were phased out and bus routes were consolidated considerably – many routes linked into crosstown pairs through downtown instead of terminating there (some routes like the 4 and 35 still act like this even today!). The numbering of routes on the map is somewhat misleading, as these numbers only act as keys to the actual route names listed below the map – Rose City Transit never used route numbers on headboards, only destination names. The pairing of routes is not made clear by the map, despite the blurb to the left implying that it does.

The map itself is fairly rudimentary, with thick black lines overlaid on an idealised five-block grid with some general neighbourhoods and points of interest named. The dense grid of downtown routes is almost impossible to make sense of, but it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s fairly easy to follow them in the outer areas. One thing that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s obvious to see is just how much the bus routes still follow the old streetcar lines – there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s still even a “Bridge Transfer” route that runs between the major Willamette River bridges on the east side!

AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页 final thing to note is Rose City Transit🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s business address at 4100 SE 17th Avenue – the site of Portland🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s main streetcar shops before🔸澳洲幸运10预测 Rose City Transit, and still in use as TriMet🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s Center Street shops today.

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测Nice to see a something from a neglected part of Portland🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s transit history, though the map itself isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t anything special. Some fun mid-century design flourishes with the little rose and bus icons, though!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Multnomah County Library

The 2022 “澳洲10开官网开奖” Gift Guide!

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Gift Guide

Back after a long hiatus, here🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s my comprehensive guide to transit map-related gifty goodness for the transportation lover in y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划life this holiday season!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Jump to the categories: Prints and Posters | Books | Other Gifts & Sites

Transit Map Prints and Posters

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸My favourite category, filled with creative original designs and beautiful replica vintage maps from around the world – mainly made by local small businesses that you help support with every purchase.

🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划off, the shameless promotional plug: visit the 澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 store for my own original designs and some beautifully-restored vintage maps. Look out for sales around Black Friday and in the lead up to Christmas for some great deals.
🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸My original maps | 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Vintage maps

Andrew Smithers (or “Mr. Mappy” to his friends) has a great selection of his rail maps for sale on 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸his Redbubble site, including some variants of his superbly detailed UK rail diagram.

European-based cartographer Mike Hall has a 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸store of beautiful maps to explore; we🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re particularly enamoured with his collection of 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸original vintage-styled rail maps – just stunning!

Jug Cerovic🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s impressive portfolio of “INAT” metro diagrams continues to grow each year, and you can buy many of them on his 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Redbubble store.

I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页ve always loved Daniel Huffman🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s series of 澳洲10开官网开奖 of North American rivers – so much so that some of them are the only “guest artist” prints available in the 澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 store, but he🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s made quite a few more than those! Check them out here in 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸his storefront.

Michael Calcagno has been making 澳洲10开官网开奖 for a long time – see his valuable contributions to nycsubway.org🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳州10开奖记录 collection – but he🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s only started selling his creations relatively recently. His 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Etsy store is full of fantastic maps, including a lot of Vignelli-style diagrams of different cities.

Andrew “vanshnookenraggen” Lynch🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸vanmaps.com has a wide selection of vividly graphical line maps for many US transit systems, and his highly detailed and well-researched track maps for New York, Boston and Chicago are definitely worth a close look.

Based in the UK, Traincrew Graphic Design offers a small but good selection of 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸replica train carriage maps, as well as some 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸vintage travel poster recreations.

Well known to readers of the blog, Michael Tyznik has some great transit map designs in his 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Etsy store, including his excellent fantasy/pop-culture mash-ups, a truly wonderful future Chicago map, and a a new series of colorful posters listing all the services at various Japanese rail stations.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸NEW! Jake Berman🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸FiftyThreeStudio Etsy shop has some great maps, including his ever-expanding “lost subways” series.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸NEW! Based out of Melbourne, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸AdMaps has some great Australia-themed maps, including a series of line maps of Melbourne🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s extensive tram network.


🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸The next best thing to 澳洲10开官网开奖 themselves is BOOKS about 澳洲10开官网开奖. Here🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a selection of some must-reads, many of which are in my personal library. Links provided are affiliate links to Amazon; 澳洲10开官网开奖 may receive a small commission from any purchase you might make after following such a link.

Mark Ovenden🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸澳洲10开官网开奖 of the World🔸澳洲幸运10预测 is still the number one reference book for transit map aficionados, and with good reason. Packed to the gills with great maps and diagrams from around the world, it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s easy to get lost in this book for hours.

While you🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re at it, check out some of Mark🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s other transit and transportation-related books: 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Railway Maps of the World🔸澳洲幸运10预测, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Airline Maps🔸澳洲幸运10预测 (with Maxwell Roberts), and 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸London Underground by Design🔸澳洲幸运10预测.

I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页m happy to see that the superb 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Mr. Beck🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s Underground Map🔸澳洲幸运10预测 by the late Ken Garland is still available – the seminal work on the man and his obsession with perfecting “his” diagram. The only book you need on the subject.

Similarly, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Vignelli 澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 by Peter Lloyd remains the definitive work on this chapter of mapping New York🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s extensive transit system, while Paul Shaw🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Helvetica and the New York City Subway System🔸澳洲幸运10预测 delves deep into the contemporaneous story of typography and design in the system. While somewhat lighter in tone, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Subway🔸澳洲幸运10预测 by John Morris also features material related to maps and design for the subway system.

If you missed the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划print run, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Boston in Transit🔸澳洲幸运10预测 – a comprehensive history by Ward Maps🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页 Steven Beaucher – is currently taking pre-orders for a March 2023 re-release. I ordered this one immediately and can🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t wait for it to arrive! Even better, there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s an accompanying print store website – also called 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Boston in Transit – where you can get prints of many of the maps, posters and pamphlets that are reproduced in the book. Perfect!

Finally, for 🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划New Zealand readers, 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Can🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t Get There From Here: New Zealand Passenger Rail Since 1920🔸澳洲幸运10预测 by Andre Brett features maps by Sam van der Weerden, whose work has been featured on 澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 previously.

Other Transit Related Gifts and Sites

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Last but not least, a round up of other gift ideas that don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t neatly fit into the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划two categories!

Chris Arvin🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Transit Supply website has a range of adorable pins, stickers, magnets and more. Definitely the cutest l🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页il trains you🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页ll ever see!

Want a real-time LED train tracker map on y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划desktop? Head over to 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸traintrackr.io and check out their range. Warning: not cheap, but oh-so-geeky!

Official merch for San Francisco🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s BART at 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸railgoods.com, including some name plates from decommissioned trains (currently on a waiting list, but more plates are expected to be made available).

Official merch for the MBTA at 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸mbtagifts.com, including a whole bunch of different MBTA maps.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸NEW! More official merch! Toronto🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s TTC has a 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸great online store, including skateboards with maps on them!

And finally, we can🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t forget the store for the wonderful 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸New York Transit Museum!

That🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s the list for 2022! Drop me a line if you think we forgot anything, or you🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d like y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划product added. Let🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s make this as comprehensive a list as we can!

澳洲幸运十是官网开奖吗🔸🔸澳州10开奖记录: Paris Métro + RER Map, c. 1984

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Submitted by Hayden, who says:

An interesting map of Paris🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页 Métro and RER network found in a restaurant in Montreal. The map🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s designers seem to have made the most of a limited color palette by assigning the same color to groups of lines that do not intersect–lavender for 2, 8, and 3b, brown for 11 and 6, magenta for 12 and 7, etc. Unfortunately it seems they could not avoid breaking this rule at Strasbourg-St. Denis.

The best I can date this map is to between Dec. 1982 (Line 7 opens a new branch to Le Kremlin – Bicetre) and Feb. 1985 (this branch is extended).

澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 says:

The 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划thing to note that this diagram – which I believe was designed as a postcard by C. Spandonide (see name at bottom left) – is very old and faded from being on this restaurant🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s walls for goodness knows how long. Here🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s another copy of it on Flickr that shows what it originally looked like. Note that it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s dated to 1984, which seems about right.

That said, Hayden🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s comment about the limited col🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划palette still holds true. Despite being printed as four-col🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划process (which allows for almost any tint or shade desired), the Métro routes are shown in only six hues – yellow, red, green, blue, brown and purple. The yellow and blue used for the RER lines are ever-so-slightly different to those used for the Metro lines, but it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s still an interesting design decision. It🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s even🔸澳洲幸运10预测 more interesting 🔸澳洲开奖 this diagram is compared to a contemporaneous official RATP “Micro” diagram designed by Fabrice Rouxel.

Look closely – you can see that there is the exact same🔸澳洲幸运10预测 breakdown of six colours assigned to the Metro lines on both maps, though some of the colours used are slightly different. So, red on the Spandonide diagram relates to pink on the Rouxel diagram and these colours are both assigned to lines 7 and 12. And so on: green is to light green for lines 4, 7b and 9; blue is to aqua for lines 5 and 13, etc. What we can infer from this is that this is simply how the lines were officially designated at this point in time. The Spandonide map has simply tweaked the hues slightly, perhaps to avoid copyright or licensing issues? The modern pastel route colours that we now know so well simply weren🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t in use in 1984.

The unavoidable double-up of green at Strasbourg–St. Denis isn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t too bad as the lines cross at right angles, neatly avoiding any potential confusion. The diagram itself is a valiant effort to fit a complex network into a very small space, even using the black border to contain information about destinations off the edge of the diagram! All things considered, the labels are quite legible – and for once, all-caps is probably a good idea, as lower-case characters could perhaps be too hard to read at such a small point size.

168澳洲十开奖网: 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网授权 Metro Rail & Busway Map, 2022

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LA Metro opened the 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划operating segment of the K Line today, and there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a new map to go along with it! As we haven🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t reviewed this map since 2016 (🔸澳洲开奖 the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica opened!), it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s high time for a new look.

The 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划thing I noticed is how this version of the map seems to be a point-by-point correction of the perceived flaws that I noted in that 2016: the 🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网授权 River has been removed from the map, the loop of the A/Blue Line in Long Beach has been restored to a more accurate orientation, and the labels along the B/Red Line are spaced out a bit more evenly, though I think this can still be better – I feel that it can sometimes be better to space labels🔸澳洲幸运10预测 evenly along a line instead of the station dots. All of these changes are definite improvements, so I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页m happy to see them made.

The gradual transition from named lines (Blue/Red/Expo, etc.) to lettered lines – A Line, B Line, E Line, etc.) continues with bullets now at the ends of route lines on the map, but with both🔸澳洲幸运10预测 names still noted in the legend. By the time the Regional Connector comes on line, I would expect that lettered line names will stand on their own.

The new K Line (note that there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s no secondary name – e.g., the “Pink Line” – for it) slots into the map nicely, with plenty of room for the future stations to be added between Westchester/Veterans and Aviation/LAX stations. I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d personally like to see a thin “bus” line drawn from Aviation/LAX station to the airport to give a better indication of the LAX Shuttle service instead of the fairly indistinct icon that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s currently used.

There are a couple of minor technical errors and inconsistencies: all the labels on the western end of the C Line from Mariposa to Redondo Beach have been pushed downwards slightly so that they no longer align to the same grid as the A and J lines. This is probably intentional to give a bit more room around LAX, but I do like it 🔸澳洲开奖 elements intentionally line up across a map like this. The label for Crenshaw station sits considerably higher above the C Line than all the other labels.

Very minor pet peeves: Why is 7th St/Metro Center abbreviated to “Metro Ctr” 🔸澳洲开奖 there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s plenty of room to spell out the name in full? Similarly, the abbreviation of “Arts District” to “Arts Dist”. For me, abbreviations like this on a transit map should be kept to an absolute minimum and used only if there is no other option.

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测A sleek upgrade to what was already one of the better US 澳洲10开官网开奖. Looking good, LA Metro!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: LA Metro website

168澳洲十开奖网: Dopravní společnost Zlín-Otrokovice, Czech Republic, 2022

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Submitted by Leo, who says:

Hello! I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页m a transportation planning student and longtime fan of y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划blog, and wanted to submit this map from the twin cities of Zlín and Otrokovice in Moravia in the Czech Republic. The cities have a long history as company towns for the Baťa shoe company and have a very different pattern of urban development than other cities in the region. The region, set in a valley, was planned reflecting modernist principles set by Le Corbusier and Ebenezer Howard, with later additions following the typical socialist-influenced planning used in other modernist housing estates in the former Czechoslovakia. The city🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s trolleybus network, which began construction right before WWII, follows the main urban growth axis along the valley, and a local railway line is also integrated into the municipal transport ticketing scheme. The map used is an isometric one which uses coloration based on the tariff zones lines pass through, and line thickness determines the mode that operates on that portion. Let me know y🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划thoughts!

澳洲10开官网开奖🔸澳洲幸运10预测 says:

This is a bit of an odd one. While this diagram has been drawn with a lot of skill and precision, I don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t think it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s actually that usable as a piece of wayfinding design. The best example of this genre – an isometric diagram of S- and U-Bahn service in Stuttgart from c. 2000 – works because the whole thing is so simple and clean. All the routes are shown at the same level in the hierarchy and are traceable from one end to the other along their colour-coded lines, leaving no ambiguity at all.

However, this diagram is far more complex and idiosyncratic, and the isometric treatment just adds another barrier to comprehension on top of that. This means everything just takes that little bit longer to understand, and the oft-quoted “eight-second rule” (before a user simply gives up) starts to kick in. A few main problems that I see:

The colour-coding of lines by fare zone seems like a good idea, but it breaks the routes up into disparate segments that look for all the world like they🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re totally separate routes that interchange at certain stations along the way. Meanwhile, the grey and white shading behind the diagram has absolutely nothing to do with fare zones, but apparently denotes areas where front door-only boarding is enforced (presumably to stop unscrupulous riders from sneaking on via the back door and not paying a fare?). So right from the start, that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s two🔸澳洲幸运10预测 major design elements that have completely different meanings to what they usually have on a transit map. While innovation and thinking outside the box are laudable ideals, too much messing with the recognised design language of 澳洲10开官网开奖 can impede usability.

Because each mode – trolleybus and bus – only gets one route line regardless of how many services use each segment, users have to find their desired route number and then hunt for it across the map again and again to follow it to their destination. Changes of direction and branches aren🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t shown that intuitively, so it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s hard work, made a bit more difficult by the fact that there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s no differentiation in the way that the route numbers are presented visually – it becomes tricky to know whether you should be following a thick trolleybus line or a thin bus line. Of course, locals might be aware that trolleybuses use route numbers 1 through 14 (the rest being normal buses), but that doesn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t help tourists or other people unfamiliar with the network.

The diagram certainly is visually striking, and I appreciate the attention to detail that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s been put into its creation. Like the Stuttgart diagram, there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a “3D” building incorporated into the diagram that helps to really sell the dimensional illusion. I also really appreciate the way that there are absolutely no horizontal or vertical route line segments – these always look a bit out of place on these isometric projections. The legend is skillfully incorporated into the map, and the arrows to orient users along the length of the valley is also a nice touch.

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测Really, really pretty – but it seems like a lot of hard work to actually use to get around. Too many conventions get turned on their head.

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Dopravní společnost Zlín-Otrokovice website

168澳洲十开奖网: Washington, DC Metrorail with Silver Line, 2022

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Thanks to everyone on Twitter alerting me to this new map! While there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s a lot of Washington, DC content on the blog, I haven🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t fully reviewed the official WMATA map since 2013, so this revision seems like a good time to look at again.

🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划off – let🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s set it out of 🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划system, everyone… SILVER LINE! SILVER LINE! Finally extending all the way out to Dulles Airport and Ashburn, and surely opening any time now, right? As is usual for WMATA, the map uses the longest name possible for the airport station: “Washington Dulles International Airport” – while the airport🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s official name – is an absolute mouthful. Here in Portland, the TriMet MAX map just says “Portland Airport”, not “Portland International Airport” and everyone still knows exactly what they mean.

There🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s plenty of other new names apart from those on the Silver Line extension, with five stations getting new names: Downtown Largo (from Largo Town Center), Hyattsville Crossing (Prince George’s Plaza), North Bethesda (White Flint), West Falls Church-VT (removing UVA from the secondary name), and Tysons (Tysons Corner). The future in-fill station at Potomac Yard also makes an appearance with a hollow white dot for its station marker. Apparently, this will be a sticker placed on top of the final version of the map at Metro stations – a clever way to prevent having to replace maps again 🔸澳洲开奖 the station actually opens.

Once the Silver Line extension opens, the 5A bus service to Dulles Airport will cease, and the map reflects this by removing the connection icons at Rosslyn and L🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页Enfant Plaza. The B30 to BWI no longer runs, so that🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s the end of bus representation on the Metro map.

Stylistically, nothing much has changed now for many years – this is still very recognisably and unmistakably a WMATA map. However, there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s some inconsistencies and room for improvement in places. 🔸澳洲10定位胆全天计划off, WMATA really has to work out how they🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页re going to treat subtitles for station names consistently. We have “Virginia Sq–GMU” and “Ballston–MU” (among others) on one line, but “West Falls Church–VT” and “Potomac Yard–VT” get their secondary names placed in the subtitle. Why? It mainly looks like it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s because the station dots for Virginia Square and Ballston are placed too close together to allow for subtitles, but it just creates inconsistency in the design. Personally, I🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页d vote for having all of these two- or three-letter abbreviations moved up to the main title, saving the subtitles for the longer station names that need that space saved.

The DC Metro map has always been visually busy, with lots of background colours and detail leading to some poor label placement (look at U Street and other stations on the Yellow/Green line just laid down right on top of the route lines), but that doesn🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t mean that new elements need to make things worse🔸澳洲幸运10预测. Look at the way that all the new Silver Line station labels overlap the Potomac River, 🔸澳洲开奖 there🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s absolutely no need for them to do so. We don🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页t need to see the twists and turns of a river on a simplified diagram like this, and it🔸AB开奖网澳洲幸运10官网网页s not even a particularly accurate interpretation of the geography anyway. If the river just extended straight out from the District border at a 45-degree angle, it would avoid all of the labels completely and dramatically improve legibility.

And one tiny little technical error I spotted: the Fairfax/Arlington county border encroaches into the white keyline where the Silver Line crosses over the Orange Line: all other borders respect such keylines.

🔸澳洲幸运10冠军定位计划final word: 🔸澳洲幸运10预测An obvious evolution of previous versions – there are no surprises here! – that continues and perhaps compounds some previous flaws. But… SILVER LINE! SILVER LINE!

🔸澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖结果走势图🔸Source: Jordan Pascale/Twitter